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I found this new restaurant in Bogotá Colombia, Magnolio: Lots of deer’s as a decorative theme.


Perceptual studio was created in 2008 by Esteban Gómez, who began working on specific contract projects for residential, commercial and corporative spaces, but with the goal of building up a furniture brand specialized in the residential market.

In 2009, the first Perceptual shop was opened in Medellin-Colombia, launching its first furniture collection, and later on this year, Rafael Restrepo joined the team to lead all the commercial strategy.

Today the company has a portfolio with over 45 different products that continues to grow as a result of their constant research and developments.

Their current goal its being recognized as a Colombian designed furniture firm, based on a “good design” strategy. Good design is Innovative, functional, Aesthetic, Understandable, Honest, Long lasting, Thorough, down to the last detail, Environmentally friendly, Simple and clean.

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Sara Modiano

An accomplished artist, her work has been displayed in galleries and museums worldwide, including France, Spain,Colombia,Brazil, Venezuela, Hungary, Australia and the United States.

Her qualities as an artist and her teachings as a person are a legacy that must be shared with generations to come. Her insights on simplicity as a fundamental factor in the essence of the human being and as a vital condition of existence are of great importance.

Thanks Sara for your work.

floating wall

me myself & I

floating wallSer


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(portrait © Mauricio Velez, art & text taken from saramodiano)