Marie Thurnauer lives in France, and graduated from Ecole Nationale de Creation Industrielle in 1989. She runs her own design company Petites Productions “People appreciating my work ask if I’m a Swedish designer, and I do feel related, I like the very simple straight forms and the functionality of Scandinavian design, it’s an obvious reference for my work.” Marie’s designs are honestly straightforward and direct with a minimalist simplicity, offering clever solutions for the everyday. But not always. Some years ago she made the blogosphere with quite a contrary design, her Noose lamp shaped as a Hangman’s knot made from optical fibers. “Lots of prototypes are presented at the design fairs, and when there is no company picking it up, people will say it’s great anyway, and suddenly call it a piece of art instead of design. So I thought, I can do that too, as a provocation of course!”

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miso lamp
Chair skis
moose valet
Noose Hanging Lamp
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