Lina Pardo is Colombian ceramist coming from a big family where home made items were appreciated. Dresses, preserves, motorcycles and pieces of furniture were constantly under preparation in a busy household. Lina’s father worked for many years at a brick factory and it is with that kind of background that after finishing studies in anthropology she decided to follow a career in the arts, opening a studio and taking  workshops with Helen Jacobson in New Haven… and  Julian Stair in Bogota.

Lina’s main body of work consists of utilitarian pieces: bowls, dishes, some mugs and the occasional teapot.  The designs are simple and clean, with excellent wheel technique, and most of the glazes she uses are soft pastel colors. Decoration is based in small details, not in strong contrasts. These pieces don’t intend to surprise their public or to catch attention speaking loudly; they are intended to be companions for their owners, to enhance daily activities like cooking, serving, eating…

One of the guiding principles in Lina´s work is her appreciation and respect of the domestic environment and everyday tasks. Some of her recent work is more sculpturally oriented: two dimensional teapots and miniature clay seats, in carefully arranged compositions suggestive of conversations, families and friendships.

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images © Monica Barreneche