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“Choosing tableware is an expedition only taken on by those ready to settle into a look which will remain in their family for generations. Hermes hopes that you will consider their Bleus D’Ailleurs tableware collection.Blue porcelain has been with us for centuries and this collection is inspired from the past while delivering elegant looks that summarize a modern spin. “Having come from China after a long voyage, the designs are directly inspired by nature. So there is nothing rigid about the petals, the daisies, the honeycomb…” Black highlights work with the blue in delivering an absolutely beautiful collection of porcelain tableware for your home.”

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Ruben Toledo  was born in Havana, Cuba, in 1961 and is a painter, sculptor, illustrator and fashion chronicler in one. He lives in New York with his wife, fashion designer Isabel Toledo. His work has been exhibited throughout the world, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and London’s Victoria and Albert Museum. “My aim is to paint a portrait of a city and to draw out its special and eternal essence; to capture the unique tempo and character of each.” – Ruben Toledo

Louis Vuitton pays tribute to Ruben Toledo’s vibrant work with the release of this collector’s box of 100 postcards. In beautiful fluorescent colors, the Postcard Box celebrates 100 illustrations Ruben Toledo has created for the Louis Vuitton City Guide since 1998; a real retrospective of images that capture a distinct vision of travel and passion for detail.

Shanghai, China

Beijing, China

Vienna, Austria

Saint Petersburg, Russia

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Nodus is a craft workshop with a cultural plan: the oldest traditions and knowledge in the art of carpet design are reinterpreted using the vision of the most innovating Designers and Architects, producing only unique pieces, promoting through events and publications in order to spread the knowledge to all about the new shapes and forms of a piece that has accompanied man since antiquity.

Il piccolo has selected from the best producers in six countries of the world (Nepal, Pakistan, India, Turkmenistan, China and Turkey) visiting them one by one, verifying materials, techniques, expert craftsmen and ethical production.
Each carpet from Nodus will be a unique piece, entirely made by hand, even including the packaging.

Designers, Architects and Artists: Even before beginning, Nodus had gathered the enthusiasm and support from some of the biggest Italian and foreign brand names. Among them: Bartoli Design, Fabio Bortolani, Italo Rota and Alessandro Pedretti, Alberto Artesani, Matteo Thun e Antonio Rodriguez, Luca Nichetto, Massimo Gardone, Palomba and Serafini Associati, Donata Paruccini, Antonella Negri, Massimo Iosa Ghini, Matilde Alessandra , Pietro De Rossi, Enrico Franzolini, Francesco Lucchese, Gianfranco Fenizia, Peter Rankin, Smanks Design and James Irvine.
The result is a collection of 60 carpets that outlines a new horizon of shapes and colours, a collection that unhinges borders and goes beyond the hand of reason.
The spirit of the carpets is captured in dynamic and organic forms, like putting together a puzzle, assumes irregular profiles or takes inspiration from contemporary and everyday products such as fabrics, tablecloths, books and maps.
All the rules are torn up, except one: The hand weaving, knot by knot.
These unique works of art on which to walk when entering the spaces of daily life and highly valued by families are displayed in the Il Piccolo showroom, in the centre of Milan.

Carpet ARLECCHINO by Donata Paruccini

Carpet CIRCUS by Studio Campana

Carpet COMPLEMENTARE by Fabio Bortolani

Carpet COMPLEMENTARE by Fabio Bortolani

Carpet CORIANDOLO GREEN by Donata Paruccini

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